An Airline Employee On TikTok Shared The Cheapest Days & Times To Book Air Travel

When you book also impacts the price!

Megan Homme. Right: A United Airlines flight taking off.
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Megan Homme. Right: A United Airlines flight taking off.

If you're planning a trip but want to travel on a budget, then this TikToker's tips could come in handy the next time you book a flight.

TikToker Megan Homme has been dropping her knowledge in a series called "random travel tips from an airlines employee," and she's got plenty to share after two years on the job.

In one video with over 2.5 million views, Homme spilled the tea on what day of the week is the cheapest to fly. She also revealed the most affordable day and time of day to book your flights.

"The cheapest day to book your flight is Saturday and Sunday," shared Homme in her video. "But the cheapest day to actually fly on is Tuesday."


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"The cheapest time of day to physically book your ticket is between 6 a.m. and noon," she added.

She reassured her viewers that she was not making these tips up — she says she was given this info in her first few weeks of training at her job.

However, she also acknowledged in the comments that "these are like v minor price differences."

One user in the comment section asked: "6 a.m. and noon from what continent and country exactly?" Homme replied: "prob US Central time."

Of course, factors like jet fuel prices and time of year also play into it.

Some TikTok users also found that Home's tips didn't match their own experiences.

"I fly very often and have never seen a cheaper price on flights than I do on Wednesday afternoons. Sundays have always been the most expensive," said one person in the comment section.

"Mhmm I've personally witnessed the highest prices (to book) are on the weekends and the cheapest times to book be Monday and Tuesday mornings," said another.

Another commenter shared a similar experience and wrote, "… I've always been told and seen for myself, that they drop to book Tuesday-Thursday.. weekend prices are always outrageous."

However, people largely seemed to buy into the idea that flying out on a Tuesday is the best day to save money.

Homme has shared many videos on her account about travel tips, including some helpful info on how to pack liquids into a carry-on without them being confiscated at security.

Now that you have these tips at hand, set the alarm for Saturday at 6 a.m. to book your next flight!

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