A Flight Attendant's Travel Tips Include Hiding A Shoe In A Safe & It Makes So Much Sense

People are loving her tips!

The flight attendant in her TikTok video. Right: The flight attendant putting her shoe in a hotel safe.
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The flight attendant in her TikTok video. Right: The flight attendant putting her shoe in a hotel safe.

Flight attendants know a lot about travelling, and now one is sharing all the best hotel tips she's learned over her years on the job.

TikToker Esther Sturrus, who says she's a flight attendant with KLM, put together a video of hotel hacks and, while they're all interesting, her shoe-in-a-safe tip is getting a lot of attention.

Sturrus starts off by showing viewers how to close hotel curtains properly by using a clothes hanger to hold them in place.

Her second tip is for anyone who has ever had their world travel plug break and didn't have a way to charge their devices.

"Use your USB cable and charge it in the TV," the flight attendant shows in her video.

How many people actually use the shower cap provided in hotel rooms? According to the TikToker, there's another great use for it.

Sturrus uses it as a cover for her shoes before placing them in her suitcase. Genius!

She adds that the shower cap is also useful to use as a cover for your remote control as she notes they can be dirty.

For anyone nervous about forgetting something in the locker or safe before jetting off, Sturrus recommends putting one of your shoes in there so you'll notice it's missing when you're about to head out the door.

Lastly, travellers typically use their room keys to turn on the electricity in hotel rooms. Sturrus says you can avoid that by using any other card you have to do the job.


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With over 1 million views, a lot of commenters are thankful to the TikToker for sharing her useful hacks.

"The hanger! Thank you, I hate light in the room at 6 a.m. and as a man I don't have the girls' accessories!" one person wrote.

"The shoe reminder is perfect," another commenter chimed in.

Many people liked the hack with the shower cap.

"To use the shower cap, never thought about that. Thanks, good tip," one comment reads.

"Omg yes the TV remote, I hate touching those things," another TikToker noted.

A few people did say using a different card may not work in all hotel rooms and offered suggestions on what to do if it doesn't.

"Sorry… the card thing does not work on most places now. Easy way is to get a second card when you check in," one person.

Due to all the feedback she got on her video, Sturrus had more travel hacks to share and posted a part two on her page.

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