A TikToker Revealed The Perks Of An Airline Job & Flight Attendant Isn't The Only Good Gig

You can work on solid ground and still get free flights!

TikToker Megan Homme sharing airline jobs.
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TikToker Megan Homme sharing airline jobs.

If you’ve always wanted to enjoy the perks of an airline job without spending your days as a flight attendant, then one TikToker is here to let you know that you can have it all.

TikTok user @meganhomme, who works for United Airlines, shared all the jobs you can apply for that don’t require a uniform or working on actual flights, and there are some pretty great gigs available.

And yes, there are even some remote options.

Homme has a whole series on her TikTok dedicated to sharing job vacancies at United, but it's worth noting that other airlines have these sorts of jobs too.

In other words, you can take inspiration from her and look for similar jobs with other companies.

“Lightning round: jobs you didn’t know you could have at an airline,” Homme says in one popular video. “Every single one of these roles gets flight benefits or free flights.”


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“Yes, we do hire lawyers,” says Homme in the video. She also highlights other jobs such as user experience designers, engineering roles and IT roles.

If you speak more than one language and you don't mind working on a plane, then you’re lucky because United is always looking for bilingual flight attendants.

In Homme's most recent video from the series, she revealed that United is looking to hire social media and advertising-related roles. The company is also specifically hiring analysts, in communications and even has plumber roles available.


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Other on-the-ground jobs include crew scheduler and ramp positions. And the best part with these jobs is that you don't need a degree to qualify.

There are also plenty of remote jobs like Homme's, who works in talent acquisition.

No wonder she's posting all these jobs!

“Currently working from Palm Springs,” says Homme in one video, a resort is visible in her background.


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She says there are jobs available for everyone, including people entering the workforce for the first time or with little experience, as the airlines also have many intern positions.

So dust off your resume and start applying, because the free flight perks are hard to beat!

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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