A Flight Attendant Shared What The Training Is Like & TikTokers Want Her 'Dream' Job

“I’m taking this as a sign.”

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A flight attendant talking about the pros of the job. Right: Flight attendants sharing the training process.

A flight attendant talking about the pros of the job. Right: Flight attendants sharing the training process.

If you were thinking of making a career switch sometime soon and have always wanted to travel across the world, then you may want to consider looking into becoming a flight attendant.

TikToker Karen Vaje recently posted a TikTok video about her five-week training journey to becoming a flight attendant and it genuinely looks like a blast.

The video, which now has just under 10 million views, shows Vaje undergoing her training with other fellow flight attendant trainees and shows them practicing for situations such as onboard fires and landing on water.

“Pov (point of view): you become a flight attendant at 20 y/o,” reads the caption of her video.


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Vaje’s video had many people intrigued about what it’s like to become a flight attendant and the comment section is filled with people showing interest in pursuing the career.

One person wrote, “do I want to be a marine biologist, an actor or a flight attendant?”

Another person commented, “I’m taking this as a sign.”

A commenter called it “plan C,” which received thousands of likes, indicating that becoming a flight attendant is probably the backup plan for lots of people out there.

However, despite how fun and enticing the job looks, some commenters pointed out the downsides of being a flight attendant.

"Flight attendant is a great job you just don’t get paid enough,” wrote one commenter. “I get the perks and all but you need money more to live.”

“I want to be a flight attendant so damn bad but I’m extremely scared of airplanes, heights, the airplane crashing, and the deep ocean,” wrote another user.

Vaje isn't the only flight attendant on TikTok who shares what the job is really like.

Liz who runs the TikTok account @wanderlizst, has also weighed in on the topic and frequently shares what you need to know about the pros and cons of the job.

In her first video about being a flight attendant, which has over 1.4 million views, Liz talks about the pros of the job and after watching the video, you’ll wonder why you haven’t made the career switch already.

The first pro according to Liz, is that it’s a low stress job and all you have to do is serve drinks and snacks, so “you don't bring any of the work home with you.”


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There's also the fact that you get to travel all over the world for free.

“Regardless if you're doing international or regional, you're still going to be able to stay in some really cool cities really nice hotels for free,” says Liz.

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Other benefits Liz points out include flexible schedules, and really good health and dental benefits.

In her videos listing the cons, Liz shares her honest opinion about the long work hours and time away from home.


Is being a flight attendant the right fit for you? #flightattendant #flightattendantlife #job #prosandcons #career #aviation

In her video Liz also shares that some flight attendants get low pay.

Although seniority means higher pay, and in some cases, even $100,000 a year according to Liz, don’t expect to get that when you start out.

“Most companies start off paying their flight attendants anywhere between $20 and $30 an hour, which [if] you're coming from a previous job that paid a very high salary that could be a major pay cut for you and it's just something you need to consider financially,” Liz says.

The TikToker adds that flight attendants can also be relocated which would require them to move.

Although Liz made some good points about the cons, people in the comment section seem to still be enticed by the job.

One person wrote, “girllll I’m getting paid $7 an hour $20-30 is A LOT.”

“I would hardly say $20-30/hr starting is low pay,” wrote another user.

Seems like Liz made a good case for becoming a flight attendant and if you’re sick of your job, this might be the perfect next move.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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