A Flight Attendant Opened Up About Her Job's Reality & How She Handles Loneliness

"Sometimes the silence is just so loud."

Florida Associate Editor
A flight attendant in a hotel room. Right: The DFW airport.

A flight attendant in a hotel room. Right: The DFW airport.

A U.S.-based flight attendant turned to TikTok to share the reality of what it's like to be in her profession, and she opened up about her struggles with how lonely it really is.

The creator (@dandelion_wind) was in a Dallas hotel room when she shared her hopes of running into one of her friends. She said they keep each other on the app "Find My Friends," just in case they're ever in the same place at the same time.

"I could be sitting in an airport for three hours. I could have a random layover, and they could be in the same hotel," she said.

Lucky for her, that was the case this time around.

One of her fellow flight attendant friends happened to be staying in the same place and was on her way over to her room to give her a hug because she was having a rough night.

"Being a flight attendant is freaking lonely. It's hard on your emotions, especially if you're not constantly talking to people or seeing people," she said.


Sometimes the silence is just so loud. #flightattendant #cabincrew #solotravel #travel #layover

Her video, posted on February 23, went viral, and so many people flooded her comments showing their support.

"Unless you’re a FA I don’t think people truly understand how lonely it can be. Sending lots of love your way! Hang in there," a person in the same industry replied.

Other flight attendants commented that they would love to meet up with her as well, if ever in the same area.

One account asked why she still sticks with it if it takes such an emotional toll.

"The benefits outweigh the cons, but the highs are really high and lows are ready really low," she responded.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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