A Canadian TikToker Shared A Travel Hack For Getting A Discount On Hotel Stays & It's So Easy

Here's how to do it. 👇🧳

​TikToker Dani. Right: Pillows in a hotel room.

TikToker Dani. Right: Pillows in a hotel room.

If you're looking for ways to save on travel this year, a TikToker recently shared a hack for getting cheaper rates on hotel stays, and it'll change the way you book.

Former hotel worker Dani, on TikTok @danibeeating, shared a little-known saving tip for getting a discounted price on hotel rooms that she says "everyone should know."

The tip, she says, is to go right to the source.

"Third-party booking websites — you know the ones I'm talking about — they're a scam," she says in a video on the app.

"They want you to think that you're getting the best rate by booking through them, but they're taking you for a ride, sweetie."

Dani explains that contacting the hotel directly can secure you a better deal than what you see online.

"Call the hotel directly and be like, 'hey, this website is selling your rooms for this amount of dollars per night, can you give me $10 less than that?'" she says.


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"As long as the person you're talking to isn't an idiot or new, they will say yes."

She explains that the reason this tip generally pays off is that hotels have to pay a commission to third-party sites on the bookings that come in through them.

"If you book directly through the hotel, they don't have to pay commission on your reservation, you get to save a little bit of money — it's a win-win situation," Dani says.

Another reason to book with the hotel rather than a third-party site, Dani says, is more flexibility when it comes to cancellations or changes.

"When you book through these websites, most of the time, your reservation is going to be pre-paid and non-refundable," she says.

"So if something happens, you need to change dates, you need to cancel, whatever — you're not going to be able to."

Dani's video currently has over 1 million views and more than 100,000 likes. While some people in the comments said they had already tried the tip with no avail, others praised the advice.

"I used to work at a hotel and I always tell people this," said one commenter on the post.

"Coming from the hospitality industry, she is correct!" said another.

"Not only do you save more but there's no middleman if there's a hiccup," another person noted.

Some people, however, seemed to think a discount wasn't worth having to interact with an actual person.

"For $10 off I'd rather pay full price and not have to call anybody," said one comment. Fair enough!

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Katherine Caspersz
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