A Flight Attendant On TikTok Just Revealed What The Chimes On A Flight Actually Mean

Yes, there is a chime for an emergency onboard ✈️

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A Flight Attendant On TikTok Just Revealed What The Chimes On A Flight Actually Mean

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a flight attendant, then keep an eye out for this TikTok user who’s coming in hot with all the details of the job.

User Tommy Cimato (@tommycimato) took to the app to share his experience of being a flight attendant, and he even explains the meaning behind all the different chimes you hear while on a flight.

Turns out the chimes are signals for cabin crew.


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If you’ve ever wondered what the dual-tone high-low chime means, Cimato says it either means that a flight attendant is trying to reach another flight attendant or the flight deck is trying to reach the flight attendants.

Three high-low chimes are something you hope to never hear on a flight since it’s a signal for an emergency situation, according to Cimato.

A single chime means that a passenger is trying to get a hold of a flight attendant from their seat or the lavatory.

In addition to the chime, when a passenger calls a flight attendant, a small fluorescent green light turns on above their seat and in the middle of the aisle to help the flight attendant find the passenger who called them, as Cimato shows.

If you’re ever wondering if you’re close to landing, keep your ears peeled for two high chimes that indicate the flight is going into its final descent and will be landing in about 10 minutes, said Cimato.

Cimato's TikTok has many videos on his experience as a flight attendant, including that sometimes they get paid to travel without even having to work.

If you were looking for a reason to switch careers, that may be it!

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