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Vancouver Airport Has A Warning For Travellers Ahead Of Its 'Busiest Long Weekend'

They gave these six tips! ✈️👇

​Planes at Vancouver Airport. Right: People walking through YVR.

Planes at Vancouver Airport. Right: People walking through YVR.

Staff Writer

Vancouver International Airport said it's expecting this Canada Day weekend to be the "busiest long weekend since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic" and is warning travellers to keep these tips in mind.

A press release from the airport said that YVR is expecting to see around 70,000 people coming through every day this upcoming weekend.

It's not just the long weekend that is going to be busier than normal for the Vancouver airport, either. They warned that summer travel is going to peak in July and August. Other Canadian airports have been faced with long wait times and delays since the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

To prepare for the busy weekend, YVR has released some helpful travel tips for anyone flying into or departing from Vancouver.

Arrive early for your flight

The airport now recommends showing up early for your flight, around two hours early for domestic flights and three hours ahead of any international flights.

Go in with a parking plan

If you are planning on driving to the Vancouver airport, you will definitely want to figure out where to park before taking off. There are four different ways to park at the airport, which you can check out on their website. So, finding out which option will work best for you could help save some time in the long run.

Or, you can just take an Uber.

Do your research

Researching the latest entry requirements of where you plan to travel is super necessary now, following COVID-19 pandemic protocols.

"Have your travel documents, including your passport and proof of vaccination and test results if required, ready before you check-in for your flight," the airport recommend.

Know the rules

Be aware that although masks may not be mandatory in other places, as of right now, they are still required in the terminal and on flights leaving from the Vancouver airport.

Take note of curbside and in-terminal signs for departure information

Follow all the signs along the curbs outside to locate your terminal quickly — they're there for a reason!

Be prepared for passenger screening

This year, the airport has been facing staff shortages causing long wait times.

To make everyone's lives easier, know what you can and can't take with you for carry-on luggage.

"Ensure liquids, gels, and aerosols are in containers that are under 100 millilitres and are packaged into one transparent, closed, and resealable plastic bag with a capacity of no more than one litre," the release added.

You can also research exactly what you can and can't bring along with you on the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority website.

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