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7 TikToks That Show How Ridiculous Vancouver's Weather Has Been Lately & It's So Unfair

These will help you laugh through the pain.

Vancouver Staff Writer
Downtown Vancouver in the rain. Right: A woman pondering.​

Downtown Vancouver in the rain. Right: A woman pondering.

Vancouver's weather forecast has been super sad lately, and these hilarious TikToks are summarizing it perfectly. Basically, spring weather is almost non-existent in the city, and people seem to be over it.

The province has been facing a cool weather pattern this season and a chilly June.

Although the spring has been rough, there is hope for brighter days ahead. The summer weather forecast in B.C. is looking hot, so don't forget the sunscreen.

Until then, you can watch these TikTok videos to help you laugh through the pain of the gloomy weather.

One TikToker hilariously pondered how so many people in the city are patiently waiting for sunnier days.


Waiting for sunshine in #vancouver like🙃 #vancouverlife #vancouverweather #dayinthelife #raincouver

Another video showed the recent downpour Vancouver experienced on June 3.


#vancouverbc #vancouver #britishcolumbia #viral #foryoupage

Anyone who already invested in an air conditioning unit is probably angry.


Come on summer, you can do it! #vancouver #raincouver #summervibes #confused #heatwave2022 @emilymagowan

If you have been wanting to compare Vancouver's current weather to other places — don't. It will just make you sad.


Vancouver rains every day

If you recently moved to Vancouver thinking it would be all sun and beach days, you might be regretting that decision right now.


here come the “vAnCoUvEr iS a rAiN fOrEsT” comments as if this is normal weather for MID JUNE

Oh yeah, if you want to wear those flip-flops and cute summer dresses, you might just want to forget about it.

One TikToker is revealing what late springs outfits currently look like for Vancouver locals.


#fyp #canada #vancouver #vancouverweather

The city really has all different kinds of weather happening all at once.


Vancouver weather🤠#fyp #fy #vancouver #vancouverbc #bc #canada

Anyone living in Vancouver this spring can definitely relate to these TikToks, unfortunately.

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