These Pro Wrestling Twins From Vancouver Have Blown Up On TikTok For Their Hilarious Antics

They're so wild. 😂

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​Two twin brothers on a Vancouver beach. Right: Two twin brothers talking to each other.

Two twin brothers on a Vancouver beach. Right: Two twin brothers talking to each other.

Two TikTok stars from Vancouver, B.C., who are actually identical twins, have amassed quite the following thanks to their funny videos and unique style.

The duo makes downright hilarious TikTok videos, plus they are actually pro wrestlers.

They call themselves the Voros Twins, and their quirkiness is clearly working — because they've amassed over 2.7 million followers on TikTok, over 37,000 subscribers on YouTube, and more than 131,000 followers on Instagram.


nice to meet you! #fyp

They're wrestling videos are downright wild.

They make some pretty creative content that will have you on the floor laughing in no time. Even before TikTok, the two bros were making some funny videos.

The brothers are constantly making content for TikTok, always keeping up with the latest video trends and throwing so much original stuff out there.


using a discount card #fyp

They have also found success on their YouTube account, Twitch, and even are on Cameo.

Their TikTok comes before everything else though — and is where to find the ultimate hilarious content.

Their viral video

The two twins went viral with a video about the "Mona Lisa." The legendary video now has over 22.4 million views, 2.8 million likes, over 41,000 comments and more than 227,500 shares.


DA VINKI #twins #fyp #foryoupage

They even made their own T-shirts and even visited the "Mona Lisa" painting in France.

They're super Canadian

So many of their videos are just downright Canadian and it's great to see.

Just look at how they order Timbiebs — the iconic Canadian donuts — through a Tim Horton's drive-through.


ordering Timbiebs didn't go as planned 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ #timbiebs #fyp

If you live in Vancouver, you might even catch these two running around making their videos.

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