Ex-Hairdresser From BC Has More TikTok Followers Than Ryan Reynolds & Damn, She's Funny

She just hit 2 billion likes! 🤯

​Kris Collins. Right: ​Kris Collins with a mustache.
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Kris Collins. Right: Kris Collins with a mustache.

Ex-hairdresser and TikTok creator from B.C. Kris Collins has just hit 45.5 million followers on TikTok, which far surpasses her fellow Vancouverite Ryan Reynolds.

He might be Vancouver's golden boy, but Collins' hilarious videos and impressions clearly have him beat since he is only at 20.1 million followers.

Plus, she's actually Canada's second highest-paid TikToker.

Collins celebrated the news of reaching 2 billion likes and almost 50 million followers, on her Instagram story on July 28.

Kris Collins Instagram story.Kris Collins Instagram story.@kriscollins | Instagram

Before starting TikTok, Collins was a hairdresser that decided to download the social media app during the pandemic, and turned it into her new full-time job.

Fast forward to now, Collins has made millions from her TikTok videos, according to Forbes.

Even her Instagram account has quite a large following, with 2 million followers. The content creator also has YouTube and Twitch accounts — and even sells her own merchandise.

Collins has acquired such a massive fan base; if you watch some of her hilarious videos, you'll definitely understand why.


Just why…🤌🏻

Many of her relatable and cringe-worthy videos will have you rolling on the floor laughing in no time.

She creates some hilarious TikToks including ones of her mimicking relationships between couples and family’s — which people seem to adore.

This one TikTok of Collins making fun of siblings relationships reached a whopping 61.3 million views.


Sibling boredom at its finest👌🏻

With all the funny content she has provided over the years, it's no wonder she has gained such an incredible following!

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