An Australian TikToker Moved To Vancouver & Got Real About What Canadians Are Like (VIDEO)

"I'm sorry if this offends anyone." 😬

Cassie Leong.
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Cassie Leong.

An Australian who moved to Vancouver four months ago is getting real on TikTok about all of the things she's learned about the city, and Canadians in general.

In two separate TikToks, Cassie Leong gives all her insights into everything from Vancouver's dating scene to how frequently Canadians actually say "eh." Hint: It's a whole lot.

"I'm sorry if this offends anyone," Leong said in the first video.

People in the comments were loving it though.

"Not a single lie," one person wrote.


CASSIE 🦋 on TikTok

Here are some of Leong's key observations about her new home.

"The guys have no game, like zero"

Whether you are new to Vancouver or have been in the city for a while, so many people have been taking notice that this city's dating scene is just not it.

Other TikTokers have even pointed out how rough it is when comparing it to other cities.

Vancouver is a "no new friends city"

Before moving to Vancouver, Leong was told that this was a hard city to make friends in.

Apparently, this has proven to be true!

"Canadians are really nice people" — but also "fake"

Leong heard that "Canadians are really nice people" and she thinks that "this is true for the most part, but once you get to know people, you realize that it was all fake."

People smoke a lot of weed

"If you're going out in a social setting, you can basically assume that 90% of the people that you're meeting are high," said Leong.

They love to say "eh" and "sorry"

In part two of the TikTok series, Leong told the world that, as someone who moved to the country, she notices how much Canadians tend to say "eh" and "sorry."

Of course, the way Canadians say "about" also had to be brought up.

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