5 Essential Clothing Items You Need Before Moving To BC, According To A Local

West Coast Canadians dress different!

Staff Writer
​Ashley Harris. Right: Super Puff jackets in store.

Ashley Harris. Right: Super Puff jackets in store.

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Growing up in Vancouver, I've come to realize that some clothing items are non-negotiable when it comes to staying comfortable in this rainy city. Plus, there are some iconic items to keep in mind if you want to feel like a local.

Whether it comes to the latest trends or straight-up practicality, there are a few pieces of clothing that I think anyone living in B.C. should absolutely own. Here are some articles of clothing that I deem essential for living in my home province.

Rain boots

An iconic Vancouverite look would not be complete without a pair of rain boots.

They're both stylish and practical.

If you really want to look like a local in the fall, grab a pair of Hunter boots and a pumpkin spice latte and hit up the pumpkin patch.

A reusable tote bag

If you're shopping in the city of Vancouver, there's a good chance that you'll need to bring a reusable bag along with you.

People in Vancouver love carrying their lucky tote bags around to pack in those groceries and show just how environmentally friendly they are.

Plus, it saves money too.

Anyone who wants to fit in or avoid having to pay extra on their next Whole Foods run is going to have to get on the tote bag trend.

Hiking boots

Easy access to all the stunning local mountains near Vancouver means you must own a pair of hiking boots. If you don't, you may just end up with some incredibly sore feet afterward.

Lululemon Align leggings

Lululemon originates in Vancouver, so its popularity is next level here! They're expensive, but they're soft, cozy and easy to wear daily. This is another piece of clothing that you'll also probably see worn by one or more people walking by while you're out.

It's just a Vancouver classic.

A good raincoat

To survive the rainy months in Vancouver, a good old raincoat is a necessity. People will warn you how rainy it is here before you move, but no one is ever really prepared for just how bad it is. So get ready!

Nothing is worse than showing up to work soaking wet from the commute, and a raincoat will help you avoid that.

Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
Ashley Harris was a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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