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TikTokers From Toronto Are Sharing Why They Moved To Vancouver & What Surprised Them Most

Planning on moving anytime soon? 🇨🇦

Vancouver Staff Writer
​A plane landing in YVR. Right: A person standing in downtown Vancouver.

A plane landing in YVR. Right: A person standing in downtown Vancouver.

If you are planning on moving to Vancouver anytime soon, you might just want to listen to some of these TikTikoer's experiences.

They are using the social media platform to share why they decided to move across Canada, from Toronto to Vancouver. Plus, some of the things that surprised them about the city.

Although the city has so many amazing things to offer like stunning views and a top-notch restaurant scene, there are a few downfalls too.

There's a lot more rain than expected

One TikToker expected there to be rain, but not as much as she thought. Vancouver called Raincouver for a reason so don't be surprised when it's still down-pouring in June.


here come the “vAnCoUvEr iS a rAiN fOrEsT” comments as if this is normal weather for MID JUNE

It's hard to find a pet-friendly apartment

This TikToker mentioned that she sees so many people walking around with dogs, but can't seem to find any pet-friendly apartment options in the city.

If you are planning on bringing a pet over with you, you might want to sort out your rental situation first.


Asking for a friend of course 😝 #vancouver #gta #move #toronto #petfriendly #thingsthatsurprisedme

Despite the bad or surprising things about living in Vancouver, there are a few things that make it worthwhile, though.

The views are so worth it

This is one of the main reasons loads of people move across the country, according to many TikToks.

One poster couldn't resist these stunning views and it convinced them to move to Vancouver after six years of living in Toronto.


After 6 years in Toronto we said good bye because west coast was calling us 😍 we couldnt resist 😅 ... • • • • • #vancouver #vancity #yvr #vancitybuzz #vancouverisawesome #travelling #explorebc #vancityhype #bc #traveler #britishcolumbia #tourism #vancouverbc #beautifulbc #veryvancouver #travelingram #igersvancouver #igtravel #canada #traveller #hellobc #vancouvercanada #travelblog #tourist #dailyhivevan #travelblogger #traveltheworld #604 #mustbevancouver

Another TikToker posted a video showcasing what the scenery is like in Vancouver throughout each and every season.

Plus, there is also so much wildlife to see along the way.


It’s no CN tower but it’ll do.

There are so many things to do

If you are planning on moving to the city for just the summer or a whole year, there are tons of super fun things to do. From the bars and the waterfalls to the restaurants and wineries, the options are pretty much endless.


Toronto ➡️ Vancouver 🇨🇦 #movingcities #livinglifetothefullest #vancouver #toronto

The accessibility to the outdoors will amaze you

All the outdoorsy people planning on moving to Vancouver can now do a little happy dance because there are so many places to explore outdoors — if you can handle the rain that comes along with it.

Don't skip the dog-friendly beach options and local hikes that this city has to offer.


#noregrets #vancouver #canada

If you are planning on packing up all your things and making your way on to a new life in Vancouver, some of these TikToks might just push you to purchase a plane ticket ASAP.

While others, might just be a dealbreaker.

    Ashley Harris
    Vancouver Staff Writer
    Ashley Harris is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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