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7 Pros & Cons You Should Know Before Moving To BC, According To Locals

Some might surprise you!

Western Canada Editor
Vancouver Island scenery. Right: Moving boxes in a kitchen.

Vancouver Island scenery. Right: Moving boxes in a kitchen.

Moving to a new place is a super big decision, and B.C. comes with some major pros and cons that are pretty unique to the province.

Users have been posting to Reddit Vancouver to see what living in B.C. is really like, and what people who are moving to B.C. need to know before they travel.

On the post, Reddit users and locals came through with some really honest opinions about where they live. There were some classic warnings — like how expensive it is or how much rain to prepare for — but there were also some surprising observations that are good to know.

If you already live in B.C., you'll definitely be able to relate to a lot of the cons, but reading through the pros is a great reminder about how amazing the province is.

If you don't live in B.C., reading this will either make you want to move ASAP — or totally turn you away.

Despite some serious issues people have with living in the province, most in the thread agreed that "we have the trade off of living in one of the most stunning areas of Canada," as one user said.

Other commenters on the post lived in California, Maine, and even New York, and spoke up to praise the province.

Even though moving to B.C. seemed worth it for most, it was still a big adjustment for some people who moved.

"West coast living is quite different than East which was the hardest for me just how slower and laid back things are," one user said.

So, whether you're planning to move from a different province in Canada, or even a different country, make sure to weigh these factors before jumping on the plane.

Pro - It's Stunning

Okay, let's start with the obvious because it really is one of the biggest benefits of living in B.C.

Locals in the Reddit thread described their homes as "magical," "beautiful," and "stunning."

There are some places that will make you feel like you're in another world, and the beauty never gets old.

Con - Isolation

This one seriously depends on where in B.C. you are moving. In a spot like Vancouver you have lots of access to other towns, things to do, and even the U.S. border.

Living on the island is a bit different though. You have to take the ferry to get to the mainland, but at least it's beautiful!

One user said that the island is "disconnected" and that "flights are more expensive out of Vic than Van."

Pro/Con - The Weather

This really depends on the person.

Vancouver especially faces a lot of rain in the winter. The spring, summer, and fall though are mostly filled with sunny days and blue skies.

Also, because of the rain, you don't get much snow on the ground in Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

One user on Vancouver Island said that "winters are mild but expect lots of rain. This year we averaged I think it was double the normal meaning lots of days of overcast and drizzle. That does beat living in -30 C winters but 30 straight days of no sunshine starts to wear."

Pro - The Towns

One user said that they love B.C. for its "vibrant but not overwhelming cities," like Victoria and Vancouver.

They also said that there are "a lot of quaint little towns dotted around."

Sounds like a road trip might be in order.

Con - Bring Cash

One Reddit user reminded everyone of the common saying, that "it's often joked that B.C. stands for 'bring cash.'"

They added that "living on Vancouver Island is magical but can be exceedingly expensive and in many ways frustrating."

If you're moving from a different province the rent and gas prices here might shock you.

The cost might be worth it though. one user said that "cost of living and property prices are insane in this province. But I have lived in four provinces and BC is by far the best."

Pro - The Nature

If you're into exploring and going on spontaneous adventures — you will never be bored in B.C.

One user said that there are lots of "great hiking and places to explore outdoors."

Another added that "if you like a more laid back place to live and enjoy the great outdoors, you'll love it."

With mountains, ocean, and rainforests, you will be stunned by amazing nature.

Con - The Activities

If you're not into doing outdoor activities, and you don't live in a big city like Vancouver, you might be in for a challenge.

One user said that there is "a lack of activities when it comes to things like impressive museums, theatre, top of the line culinary."

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