An Ontarian Moving To BC Is Asking Locals What 'Speed Bumps' To Expect & The Cost Is One

"Bring cash."

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​The city of Toronto. Right: A plane flying over B.C.

The city of Toronto. Right: A plane flying over B.C.

Someone from Toronto is planning on moving to B.C. for a new job but needed to get some honest answers about what to expect first, including the "unexpected speed bumps" they might encounter.

The Ontarian started a thread on the BC Reddit page to help, and locals came in hot with some advice.

The user asked about where to look for rental properties, how the cost of living compares to other Canadian cities and what other people who made the move can offer up in terms of advice.

If you're from B.C., you've probably heard people joke that it stands for "bring cash" and these Reddit users aren't going to let you forget it.

"People assume that BC stands for British Columbia. In fact, it stands for Bring Cash," said one Reddit user.

Some Reddit users had something to say about the grocery prices in B.C., compared to other cities.

"Grocery prices are 20% higher than central Canada for many things, but produce is cheaper," mentioned one user.

Other people suggested, if possible, to skip the long commute altogether.

The housing prices in B.C. are known to be wild, so it's never a bad idea to have a plan ahead of time.

It might be costly to do so, but one Reddit user said shipping your car across the country instead of purchasing a new one in B.C. was "super easy" for them. Plus, it takes roughly 40 hours to drive from the city of Toronto to Vancouver, so driving it yourself would be quite the long haul.

The same person said to use the Skytrain, in order to save some cash.

Someone else who moved from Toronto to Vancouver found the transition "amazing," and even said that the people out West are
a bit nicer than our Ontario counterparts."

So, there are at least a few points going to B.C. in that area!

Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
Ashley Harris was a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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