Vancouver TikToker Says Air Canada 'Ruined' Her Luggage & Her Clothes Look Shredded (VIDEO)

"Did they put it through the engine or something?"

​Ripped clothes. Right: Casey Dubyk.
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Ripped clothes. Right: Casey Dubyk.

This TikToker from Vancouver took a quick flight from Vancouver International Airport to Calgary International Airport with Air Canada on September 26 and said that she got back her bag full of "ruined" clothes.

The TikTok video posted by Casey Dubyk shows torn-up clothes, and people in the comments are shocked by the state they appear to be in.

In an email to Narcity, Air Canada said that they do their "very best to handle and transport customers’ baggage with care," but sometimes luggage does get damaged.

Dubyk said that her suitcase was one of the unlucky ones, and one TikToker even commented that it looked like the airline "put it through the engine or something."

The viral video's creator stated that her luggage troubles started before her clothes were damaged though, when Air Canada told her that her baggage was lost. She thought herself lucky when she learned that they had found her luggage, only to find it looking quite different on arrival...

The Vancouver resident told Narcity that she was most upset about "[her luggage] being dropped off without a call or note since the service agent took [her] cell number down before [she] left the airport and said [she]I would receive a confirmation when it was delivered to [her] room."

"I understand accidents happen when travelling but that was a little shell shocking," Dubyk added.


can we get a BIG shout out to @aircanada for delivering my lost luggage to my hotel room. A call or note would have been nice but I guess this is okay too 🫠 #aircanadasucks #lostluggage #damagedluggage #aircanada #flightdrama #vancouver #yyccalgary #canada #flight #baggagecheck

She added that the bag itself was "literally in shambles" and that the clothes inside were damaged as well.

Dubyk was supposed to wear one of the dresses from her bag – which she shows completely torn up in the video – to a gala in Calgary.


part two: the day did in fact end up shitty, a call would have been nice @Air Canada ☹️ #aircanadasucks #lostluggage #damagedluggage #aircanada #flightdrama #vancouver #yyccalgary #canada #flight #baggagecheck #yvr #part2

The TikToker also posted a few follow-up videos explaining the situation further, and showing her ripped up clothes in more details.


@Casey Dubyk part 3: thanks for everyone’s kind words and advice, it’s appreciated more than you know!! 🥺 #aircanadasucks #lostluggage #damagedluggage #aircanada #flightdrama #vancouver #yyccalgary #canada #flight #baggagecheck #yvr #part3

Dubyk told Narcity that she ended up submitting a claim with the airline. She was apparently told that it would take around 45 days for someone to get back to her.

"Despite our best efforts, sometimes things don't go as planned and baggage may regrettably sustain damage during the journey, which can occur with airport-managed baggage systems, etc." Air Canada told Narcity.

"We handle all baggage claims in accordance with our conditions of carriage directly with customers," they added.

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