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This TikToker Showed Her Life Working On A Ranch In BC & People Are Jealous AF (VIDEO)

"I would trade everything I have to live that life." 🐎

Vancouver Staff Writer
​Abi Parry and a horse. Right: Horses.

Abi Parry and a horse. Right: Horses.

This TikTok will have you digging out the cowboy boots and saying "yeehaw!" in no time. A wrangler at a ranch in B.C. posted a video to TikTok of what a day in her life looks like, and it looks pretty awesome — if you don't mind a little horse poop.

People in the comments are calling it the "dream job," to hang out with animals all day with a mountain range as your backdrop.

In the video, the TikToker, named Abi Parry, explains what a typical day from 6:00 a.m until 10:00 p.m. is like for her. It might be a long work day, but the views she shows off look unreal. If you're stuck in an office job all day, it's probably pretty tempting watching this.

In the caption Parry said that this gig is her "childhood dream," and clearly others shared it too.

"I would trade everything I have to live that life," said one person.


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"It’s tough watching somebody live your dream," another wrote.

People are continuously commenting expressing their jealousy over her job.

Another person said, "you're living my dream..would do anything in the world to get a chance like this."

Other people are left trying to figure out how they can get a job like this of their own.

"How do you get into this kind of job. I’ve been thinking about it for ages," one user said.

The TikTok poster shared her advice in the comments, and mentioned that she just googled "ranches Canada" and emailed the first few that popped up.

She also recommended looking on the "Workaway" and "Yard and Groom" websites for similar jobs.

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