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A Student Who Moved To Vancouver Is Calling Out Everything That's Way Different In Canada

Did any of these hit home for you? 🇨🇦

Vancouver Staff Writer
​Canadian flag. Right: A hand holding a Tim Hortons cup.

Canadian flag. Right: A hand holding a Tim Hortons cup.

There are some things that a Canadian won't blink an eye at, but are super strange to the rest of the world.

Someone who moved to Vancouver made a TikTok that totally exposes how many things are different in the country. The video points out things that only Canadians will truly understand — and that everyone else will probably find strange.

The TikToker, @alliscalbii, is an Italian exchange student living in Vancouver who gives a fresh perspective on life in Canada.

From the most iconic fast-food chain to relatable social lives, this TikTok calls out them all.


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To anyone else, some of these might be shocking, but Canadians know all too well — this is what it's really like.

Tim Hortons is everywhere

Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian food chain known for its cheap coffee, delicious donuts and most importantly, Justin Bieber donut collaboration.

Any Canadian will know about Tim's and has probably grabbed a coffee from there at least once this month.

Dinner at 5 p.m.

The TikTok had to poke fun at how early Canadians eat compared to other places.

Maybe it's the freezing cold temperatures that make us want to stay inside and eat all day long. Plus, who doesn't love an early bedtime?

Everything is expensive

From real estate to food, insurance and gas prices, you know you'll hear a complaint or two about one of these at some point, especially if you're from Vancouver.

This TikToker did choose one of the most expensive places in the country to live though, to be fair.

People don't hang out during the week

The TikTok did not hold back on roasting Canadians — and their social lives.

This, again, could be thanks to that chilly weather that makes everyone want to stay inside and binge Netflix.

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