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These TikToks Perfectly Sum Up The Gas Price Situation In Canada Right Now (VIDEOS)

Better to laugh about it than cry about it!

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The cost of gas at 305.3. Right: A man riding a bison.

The cost of gas at 305.3. Right: A man riding a bison.

With gas prices in Canada reaching historic numbers, people are taking to TikTok to share their feelings about the situation.

According to CTV, high demand for oil and a shortage in supply are behind the rising prices, and drivers all across the country are feeling the toll it's taking on their wallets.

From crying at the pump to ditching cars entirely, here's what TikTok is saying about the wild prices.

TikTok user @nathanmanaois showed the price at the pump in Vancouver jumping up over the $3.00 mark, which is most likely just the sign malfunctioning — but with the way prices have been rising recently, it doesn't feel too far-fetched for that to be the actual price sometime soon! Ack!


Gas prices lately #vancouver #bc #gas #canada #fyp

And user @kcost27 used a dramatic score from The Lion King to demonstrate this heartbreaking moment. After Rafiki says, "It is time," he kisses his car goodbye, throws away his keys and sheds a tear.

He then gets his bike out of storage, puts on his heavy-duty winter gear and attempts to navigate his bike through the snow, which looks very awkward.


Enough is enough!! 🚴 💨 Are you saying goodbye to your car?! #gas #gasprices #canada #canadian #biking #viral #funny

@kcost27 also made another gas-related TikTok using audio from another movie that tugs on the heartstrings: Titanic.

"When you hear gas is going up again..." he wrote over the video where he mouths along to the sounds of Rose calling "come back" to the rescue boats while she's literally freezing to death in the water with Jack — only in his video, he's calling back 99.9-cent gas prices.


Who else is feeling like this? ⛽️ #gas #gasprices #canada #trucks #cars #gasoline #diesel #canadian #maritimes

TikTok user @barjlhorsetraining has an interesting solution for the rising prices.

After wrangling and saddling up what appears to be a bison, he makes his way out and about on his noble and unexpected steed.


Gas prices… #gasprices #cowboys #haha #funny #canada #gas #deisel

And @sistercousins had to get creative on how to soothe their baby.

Instead of driving their newborn around to get her to fall asleep, they resorted to gently rocking the car to mimic the motion of cruising around in order to save some bucks.


It’s a car ride, on a budget… 👀⛽️ #gasprices #gas #baby #drives #sleepybaby #priceofgas #canada #bcgasprices

Whatever works!

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