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This TikTok Shows 5 Things That Make 'Perfect Sense In Canada' But Confuse Everyone Else

The fear of our geese is so real.

This TikTok Shows 5 Things That Make 'Perfect Sense In Canada' But Confuse Everyone Else

From posts about Canadian winters to clever Canuck hacks, TikTok is filled with all kinds of entertaining content about the Great White North.

TikTok user @kopke613 posts funny sketches about Canada and his video on five things that probably only make sense to Canadians is so spot on.


things that might only kinda make sense in canada maybe #canadian #canada

"First, we got poutine," he says, pronouncing the dish with a French accent. "Or as people from not Quebec call it, 'poutine,'" he says in an exaggerated Anglo accent which makes the word sound like "poo-teen." Yum!

Although it looks like "cardiac arrest in a bowl," he notes that it's the "best damn-tasting heart attack you've ever had."

"Next we got polar bear-shaped license plates," he continues. "I'm not gonna lie, I just put these on the list to show that our license plates are cooler than yours."

Third on his list is everyone not-from-Toronto hating the city. "But people from Toronto usually forget that the rest of Canada even exists, so I don't think they're too mad about us not liking them," he joked.

"Number four is being scared of gooseses," he says, pluralizing the singular form of the word goose. "Every Canadian knows that these military-grade seagulls are the devil incarnate. They have teeth on their tongue and they'll World War 2 kamikaze dive-bomb you just for looking at them wrong. Fuck gooseses."

And to round out his list, he brought up bagged milk which perplexes so many newcomers to this country.

"But realistically, there's less waste and you can throw them at the aforementioned gooseses like a protein water balloon in self-defence, so milk in a bag is great," he shared.

Please don't throw bags of milk at geese!

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