This TikTok Shows Things That Canadians Apologize For That Make No Sense & It's So True

"Like no other country would say sorry in these scenarios."

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TikToker ​@jimmerplslikeme.

TikToker @jimmerplslikeme.

Ever find yourself saying "sorry" but not really sure what you're apologizing for? It's a bit of a national problem, according to TikTok.

The creator @jimmerplslikeme made a video about the uniquely Canadian problem and honestly, it's spot on.

"Okay, here are things only Canadians apologize for that like, there's no need to apologize for," he said."Like no other country would say sorry in these scenarios."

He then listed a few situations that Canucks find themselves uttering the "s" word in.

"When you have family in from the States and it's snowing and you're like, 'sorry about the weather.' You didn't make it snow. You're not Storm from X-Men, you're Tessa from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan," Jimmer explained.

Next on his list is this always-awkward situation.

"When there's three of you in an elevator and then the door opens and no one goes and you all look at each other and you're like, 'sorry, sorry,'" he said.

"And then whoever goes first is like, 'sorry, I'll go' so then all three people just apologized to each other because an elevator door opened."

It's so ingrained in Canadians that we apologize for things well beyond our control, Jimmer explained.

"We always apologize when we can't make an event and we have a completely valid reason. We're like, 'I'm sorry, we can't come to your birthday dinner at The Keg tonight, our child is being born.'"

To make matters worse, there's then the return apology.

"Then the person whose birthday is always like, 'sorry, like, I shouldn't have put my birthday party so close to your due date.' Why do we do this?"


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"Sorry if this video was too long," Jimmer hilariously wrote in the comment section, where other people chimed in with their apologies.

"I've apologized to mannequins when I bumped into them, why?" asked one person.

"Im sorry because you bumped into me. I must’ve been in your way," another person wrote.

"When you walk in front of someone 'sorry gonna sneak past ya,'" someone said of another Canadian behaviour.

Better to be safe and say sorry then possibly offend anyone, because then you'll have to apologize even more?


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