5 TikToks About Canadian Geese That Are Proof We Should Live In Terror Of Them (VIDEOS)

These "cobra chickens" mean business.

A Canadian goose about to attack someone. Right: A Canadian goose hissing.

A Canadian goose about to attack someone. Right: A Canadian goose hissing.

While Canada is full of natural wonders like beautiful landscapes and majestic animals, there is one creature that tends to strike fear in the hearts of some people across the country: the Canadian goose.

Over on TikTok, there are plenty of videos showcasing the vicious nature of the so-called "cobra chickens" such as attacks and generally threatening behaviour.

A video of a goose charging a dog and unsuspecting woman on @sarah.lourdes TikTok page currently has over 1.4 million views and plenty of hilarious comments.

As the animal makes a truly alarming honking sound, the dog and woman attempt to back away as it rushes them.

"Yeah welcome to Canada, we live in constant fear," commented one person.

"Canadian Purge siren," wrote another of the honking sound.


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And @brodywagner_ captured this moment which is proof that you should not approach the wild creature in its natural habitat.

While a young man appears to be peering down at a goose in a pond, the creature decides he's a threat and flies out of the water, at one point even knocking him down while his friend's laugh at his misfortune.


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You know what no one wants after a long day at work? To have to deal with goose harassment.

The TikTok account @meaganparry shared this experience that she deals with "everyday" as she tries to get home.

In the video, she and the "cobra chicken" play a game of chicken as she holds a finger up to scold it while it hisses menacingly at her.

She eventually makes it around the creature, but talk about stress!


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And @hunkymonkey7492 showed this clip of a Canadian goose that's "become more powerful than ever before."

"As if Canadians didn't have enough to worry about," he said as the camera pans to a goose appearing to stand on water. "Jesus goose."


Hunkymonkey7492 on TikTok

Lastly, @tommymellor shared this highly relatable moment of minding your own business when one encounters the dreaded goose.

"I don't know what's going to happen but I think I might die walking by here," he explained as he approached the animal blocking the sidewalk.


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"Oh god. Hello," he said to the creature as he approached it, who hissed at him in return.

He did survive the encounter without getting attacked, so at least there's that!

Stay safe out there, folks!

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Sarah Rohoman
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