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A person hikes in B.C. Right: An island on a body of water in B.C.

A person hikes in Vancouver, B.C. Right: An island on a body of water in Vancouver, B.C.

Life in Vancouver, B.C. is very different from anywhere else in Canada, and this TikTok video shows just how much.

It highlights what life in the city is like — full of beauty and nature. People living in other provinces, who are likely shovelling out their driveways full of snow right now, will probably shed a tear watching it.

If you're feeling down about all the rain Vancouver has gotten lately, just watch this and you'll remember why it's an amazing place to live.

The video managed to even make the snow look magical.

The TikTok was on point, showing off these four ways that living in Vancouver is like being in a different reality.

The Nature

The thing that's highlighted most in the TikTok video is the stunning nature in Vancouver. Hikes, views, rivers, and forests are all showcased — and look beautiful.

City of Glass

The skyline of Vancouver is shown, glimmering in the sun. Some people refer to Vancouver as the City of Glass because all of the buildings have a glass architectural aesthetic. It looks like a city out of a utopian movie honestly.

The Mountain & Ocean Combo

The view of the city, ocean, and mountains all in one is super unique to Vancouver. Clearly, the TikToker has a great apartment because the view he has is incredible. It's a reminder that Vancouver really does have it all.

The Beaches At Sunset

There is basically nothing better than watching the sunset from a beach in Vancouver — and there are so many to choose from.

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