Bigfoot Apparently Lives In These Caves & You Have To Sign A Waiver To Go Visit Them

Enter if you dare! ⛔

Bigfoot Apparently Lives In These Caves & You Have To Sign A Waiver To Go Visit Them

If you're super brave you can go and explore these caves in Canada which are in Sasquatch territory.

The caves, in Hope, B.C., are actually a series of tubes that are connected above ground, according to the Atlas Obscura website , and you can go and hike through them. Beware though, because the area has been cited as a place to see the legendary Bigfoot.

The website said that in B.C., there have been over 200 reports of Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) sightings. Although there isn't any actual proof of it, there must have been enough sightings in this area to name them Sasquatch Caves.

The caves are on private property, owned by the Holiday Motel & RV Resort, but you can still access them for free.

You do have to sign a waiver at the hotel though, adding to the slightly creepy vibe of the adventure .

Lots of people have set out to explore the caves, so you can do your research before you head out.

In this YouTube video that shows two people going into the caves, the girl said: "If there were such thing as a Sasquatch, it would probably live here."

So, if you are keen to spot one of these creatures for yourself, this might be just the place to go and do it.

The video shows the pair going deep into the caves, looking at drawings and markings on the wall along the way.

There is also a warning on the trail. If the waiver didn't put you on edge , this might.

If you don't chicken out though, it looks like a pretty fun place to go.

Make sure you go prepared if you venture into the caves, and good luck finding Bigfoot!

Sasquatch Caves

Where: 63950 Old Yale Rd., Hope, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: To brave the caves and try to catch the Sasquatch by surprise!


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