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things to do this weekend in bc

There are so many stunning spots to visit in B.C. when the fall season rolls around, but some really stand out more than others.

Fortunately, Narcity spoke with several travel influencers and bloggers across B.C. to find out what the best vacation spots are for that perfect fall getaway.

So if you've been thinking about planning an autumn road trip throughout the province anytime soon, you might just want to consider some of these travel pros' go-to spots during the season.

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It's time to get planning on those summer girl's trips because winery season is just around the corner and B.C. has some stunning wineries you have to check out.

This winery looks like it could be in Lake Como, Italy — but it's actually called Mission Hill Family Estate, and is located close to Vancouver, in Kelowna, B.C.

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You can rent a hot tub in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and you don't even need a boater's license to do it.

This unique experience is in Victoria, B.C., and makes for a super fun night out on the water. It's run by Hot Tub Boat Victoria, and they're expanding to Vancouver soon.

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These three ski destinations in Alberta and B.C. have been ranked among the best in the world!

The West Coast Canada mountains have impressed ski lovers around the globe.

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If you're super brave you can go and explore these caves in Canada which are in Sasquatch territory.

The caves, in Hope, B.C., are actually a series of tubes that are connected above ground, according to the Atlas Obscura website, and you can go and hike through them. Beware though, because the area has been cited as a place to see the legendary Bigfoot.

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