8 Secret Spots Near Vancouver To Take Your Special Someone For An Epic Date Like No Other

Add these to your bucket list ASAP!

Vancouver Editor
8 Secret Spots Near Vancouver To Take Your Special Someone For An Epic Date Like No Other

Most people are tired of staying at home and chilling. It's time to get out and explore the city and find the best spots. In Vancouver, there are tons of secret, underrated and hidden places to check out.

You can take your next date around for an adventure or go with some friends.

It's always fun to discover something new together.

Here are some secret places to go, that you'll want to save for your next date.

Savary Island On The Sunshine Coast

This place is a little paradise. In the summer, the water is nice and warm but it's a beautiful spot any time of the year.

It has white sandy beaches, and you have to access it by the Lund Water Taxi. Make it a full-day date!

MacLeod’s Books

If your date is a bookworm, they'll be in heaven here.

This place is filled with piles and piles of books to comb through, so you can make a day of it!

It's located on Pender Street and makes for the perfect rainy day date.

The Secret Sea Swing

Located along Kits Beach is this super cool swing. Just walk along the beach until you reach it.

Fly high with your date and embrace your inner kid.

It gives you a great view and is hidden from the main part of the beach.

The Horseshoe Bay Lookout

When it comes to B.C., you can never get enough views.

This place has a little platform where you can watch the ocean and get some epic sunsets. You can find it along Horseshoe Bay Drive, under the Sea to Sky Highway.

A picnic there would make the perfect date!

VanDusen Botanical Garden

There are actually lots of botanical gardens in Vancouver, and this could be the most underrated one.

It's a stunning garden full of flowers and plants, and it is super peaceful too.

There's also a maze that you can get lost in, just like Seth Rogen did once on TV!

Pink Alley

OK, this is less of a secret, but it's a super cool date spot.

It's a vibrantly painted alley, south of West Hastings Street, where you can go and have an amazing photoshoot. It also has some basketball nets if you want to shoot some hoops!

Nitobe Memorial Garden

If you don't actually go to UBC, you might have not even heard about this place.

It's on the UBC campus and is super secluded. The flowers give a super romantic flair to a date, and they smell incredible.

Habitat Island

Another island that will blow your mind, but this time there's an amazing view of the city and water.

It's just a few paces from Science World, but pretty unknown by tourists. You have to push past some shrubs on the way, but it makes it feel that much more secret.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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