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Seth Rogen Visits These Places When He's Back Home In Vancouver & He's Not Shy About It

Our friendly neighbourhood celebrity.

Seth Rogen Visits These Places When He's Back Home In Vancouver & He's Not Shy About It

Seth Rogen is one of those celebrities who doesn't shy away from where he came from. He's Vancouver proud!

If you've read his book, Yearbook, or watched the first episode of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, it's obvious he stays connected to his Canadian roots.

Who better to represent the city than the famous actor, writer, producer, and pot smoker himself.

Here are some places that he's publicly declared his love for and has visited when he comes home.

He Loves To Smoke Up In Queen Elizabeth Park


In Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Seth and chef David Chang make a stop at the stunning Queen Elizabeth Park to smoke before hitting up Seth's favourite food spots.

It's not surprising he took Dave to Queen Elizabeth — it's popular for tourists and locals as a beautiful spot with an epic view.

He'll Take The Ferry For A Sweet Treat

​Does anyone remember when Seth got heated about Nanaimo bars?

He clearly has a deep love for the yummy dessert and knows exactly where to go and get them.

He's Got Love For The Vancouver Art Gallery

He's been open about supporting a few causes in Vancouver, and one is helping the art gallery.

Lee's Donuts

This is another stop in the Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner episode that was super fun to see.

The pair went to Granville Island and Seth explained that he grew up going to Lee's.

The manager there even said in the episode that she used to serve him all the time, and she invited them to see how they make the now-famous doughnuts!

Where He Used To Sneak Off To For Smoking

In Yearbook, Seth mentions places around where he grew up that he would sneak off too. Some people have taken it upon themselves to find them.

This trail in Kerrisdale is one of them!

He Loves To Go See An Old Friend At The Aquarium


In the same Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner episode the pair visited the aquarium.Seth professed his love for this place long before the show though — so much so that they even named an octopus after him.

He met up with "Ceph Rogen" when he was there!

He Still Uses Public Transit

Maybe it's just because they made him the voice for it, but Seth did say that he still uses public transit when he visits home. Keep an eye out for him the next time you're on the Sky Train.

Phnom Penh 

Chrissy Teigen might have deleted her Twitter account, but we'll never forget when Seth Rogen gave her some foodie recs for when she was in Vancouver.

Phnom Penh, a Vietnamese-Cambodian spot, was at the top of the list.

HK BBQ Master

This hidden gem wasn't so hidden anymore after the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner episode.

Dave and Seth hit up this Hong Kong-style BBQ spot in downtown Richmond and people have been thanking them for it ever since.

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