Seth Rogen Got Real About An Embarrassing Childhood Story On 'Hot Ones' & It's Hilarious

Evan Goldberg totally exposed him!

Seth Rogen Got Real About An Embarrassing Childhood Story On 'Hot Ones' & It's Hilarious

Seth Rogen got super real about an embarrassing childhood story that happened in B.C., and his long-time friend and business partner totally exposed him for it.

While he was on the hilarious interview show, Hot Ones, Rogen was forced to look back on a day in Tsawwassen, B.C. — and it didn't make him look great.

The show brought on Evan Goldberg and let him ask Rogen a question.

"Seth has done many brave things," Goldberg said.

The flattery didn't last long though.

He asked Rogen, "There was a time in 10th grade when you did one of the least brave things I've ever seen someone do. It was in Tsawwassen. Do you have any recollection of perhaps the moment I'm referring to?"

Rogen knew what he was talking about right away, laughing as he said, "I do remember this, and it was a cowardly manoeuvre."

Before diving into the story, Rogen had to first explain that Tsawwassen was a town outside of Vancouver, for all of those U.S. viewers.

While his mouth was burning from the super-hot chicken wings that he had been forced to eat the entire interview, Rogen explained that it all happened at an outdoor paintball facility in the small town.

He said that they were around 15 years old at the time, and some older guys showed up, who seemed like "professional paintball guys."

With superior guns, the guys started shooting at Rogen and his friends right away.

"I run off into the woods as literally all my friends get annihilated," he admitted.

Goldberg added that he was left behind, and got shot about 25 times in his back, while Rogen made his escape.

To be fair, he claimed he thought his friends were with him. When he made it to safety, he looked back ready to celebrate with them all, only to see that he was totally alone.

Not only did he save himself, the others apparently got seriously hurt. Goldberg said that he had welts from the paintball bullets, and Rogen said that there was even bleeding involved for some.

"Everyone was really pissed at me," Rogen said while laughing about how his friends all thought he was a coward afterwards.

Luckily, Goldberg said that it's "been uphill since then."

Clearly, all has been forgiven — but not quite forgotten.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is the Travel Editor for Narcity Media focused and is based in Vancouver, B.C.