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Seth Rogen Wants To Trade One Of His Vases For A Canucks Diwali Jersey & It's All So Random

The jersey is designed by a local South Asian artist.

Seth Rogen Wants To Trade One Of His Vases For A Canucks Diwali Jersey & It's All So Random

Seth Rogen is never shy about getting involved with his hometown of Vancouver, and just showed just how much he loves his local team.

Rob Williams tweeted a photo of a new Canucks jersey the team will be repping at warm-up, designed with a local artist, Jag Nagra.

Apparently, it piqued Seth's interest enough that he offered up a trade.

Assuming Rogen was talking about one of his handmade pieces, the vase is actually pretty expensive. One of his vases sold for $12,000 at an auction at Vancouver Art Gallery.

The team took him up on his offer too.

As for the local artist, she's pretty excited.

Watch this space!

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