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Seth Rogen Just Unveiled One Of His Expensive Vases & It Looks Like A 'Squid Game' Challenge

Seth Rogen's latest vase reveal looks like something straight out of the Netflix show Squid Game.

The Vancouver-born comedian and actor has a new pot hobby (not weed this time), and one of his vases was recently auctioned off for $12,000, according to CTV.

Now, in an Instagram story, he shows the intricate detail that goes into making each vase as he chips away the outer layer of the pot to unveil the beautiful colours of the vase underneath.

@sethrogen | Instagram

But the process looks extremely similar to the honeycomb challenge on Squid Game, where competitors have to carve out a shape with a needle.

The difference in the hit Netflix show is that if they lose and shatter the honeycomb, they're shot to death.

Noh Juhan | Netflix

Let's hope the consequences aren't as severe for Seth if his hand slips!

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