8 Times Ryan Reynolds Trolled Vancouver & It Was Basically Him Showing His Love For BC

Move over, Blake!

8 Times Ryan Reynolds Trolled Vancouver & It Was Basically Him Showing His Love For BC

It's hard to remember sometimes that a huge star like Ryan Reynolds actually grew up in Vancouver and has probably been to a lot of the same places you frequent.

During the SmartLess podcast, he even starts reminiscing about his days working the graveyard shift at Safeway.

He's clearly proud of his connection to Vancouver and here are some examples of how he's trolled the city publicly — but with his unique sense of humour.

When He Didn't Want A Street Named After Him

After a petition went around for a street to be named after Vancouver's favourite guy, he passed.

His hilarious reasoning was that people would say things like "Ryan Reyolds is backed up!"

Honestly, good point.

When He Gave His Home School A Back-Handed Compliment

He gave a speech for the Kitsilano Class of 2020, telling stories about his time at the school. He said it was even "the best thing that ever happened" to him up until that point.

Beyond sweet.

When He Said The Capilano Suspension Bridge Was Overrated

In an interview with CBC, Reynolds talked all about how much he loves the city and what he does when he's there.

He said that the first thing he does when he goes home is "go for a cruise around the Stanley Park loop."

He also said that his favourite place in B.C. is the Capilano River and the area around it.

On the flip side, he said that the Capilano Suspension Bridge is "a little overrated," mostly due to the steep price.

Overall though, he said that Vancouver's one of the greatest places to live on Earth.

When He Gave Vancouver An Uncomfortably Indulgent Hug

After wrapping on The Adam Project, which was filmed in Vancouver, he posted on Instagram thanking everyone — including the city.

"Also, a lingering, uncomfortably indulgent hug to my beautiful hometown of #Vancouver," the post read.

When He Called His Old Boss A Peruvian Drug Lord

In an interview with The Georgia Straight, Reynolds chatted about where he used to work in his neighbourhood.

"I worked in a restaurant in Kits," he told them.

"I was a busboy but no one ever ate there. I think I was actually working for a Peruvian drug lord. I had this abusive boss who had a fuse that was minimal at best. I worked there during the day, and then at night I would work graveyard shift at a grocery store throwing fresh fruit at my coworkers," he said.

It all comes back to Safeway.

When He Got Involved With Local Politics 

​When John Horgan called, he and Seth answered

No matter what, it seems like he's got Vancouver's back.

When He Showed Off His Childhood Home

His first job was delivering papers for the Vancouver Sun, and this adorable painting brings back all the neighbourhood memories.

When He Offered To Kidnap Local Talent 

These Vancouver fans made an ad for Reynolds's famous gin brand Aviation, and he loved it.

Reynolds commented on their post: "First off, how in the absolute gin-jumping hell did you pull this off?!? Incredible work. We may have to hire you. Or kidnap you? We're still figuring it out. ❤️️"

Love that he supports fellow Vancouverites.

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