Ryan Reynolds Once Did A Nude Scene With Sandra Bullock & It Sounds Like Total Chaos (VIDEO)

Bullock just dished ALL the details. ALL OF THEM. 🙈

Ryan Reynolds Once Did A Nude Scene With Sandra Bullock & It Sounds Like Total Chaos (VIDEO)

Sandra Bullock recently dished on her memories of filming with Canadian icon Ryan Reynolds, and it sounds like their nude scene didn't go exactly as planned.

The actress appeared on the About Last Night podcast with host Adam Ray on November 29, where he asked Bullock to list some stand-out memories from specific movies. He started off with the 2009 rom-com The Proposal that she and Reynolds starred in, and a particular scene came to her mind almost immediately.

"Ryan and I have known each other since we were prepubescent. I mean, we go way, way, way, way back," Bullock shared with Ray.

When it came time to film the comedic naked scene with Reynolds, she said it was just a few crew members and director Anne Fletcher around.

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"So we had a closed set, which means no one's allowed to be on there, just hair and makeup coming to fluff and hide. Ryan and I have these flesh-coloured things stuck to our privates," she explained.

"My hair is strategically over the nipples and Ryan's little — not little at all — it's just whatever's there, and I don’t know, 'cause I didn't see it, I didn’t look," she shared, adding that his bits got tucked away wherever they needed to go, but apparently not well enough.

After filming a take, the scene cut and Bullock said that Fletcher shouted, "Ryan! We can see your ballsack!"

"And I’m like, 'Oh god!' 'Cause you want to look down," Bullock said. "Like, 'Don’t look down, don’t look down.'"

Although she seemed a little flustered about the whole thing, apparently Reynolds was totally "cool" about it. "Unflappable. He’s absolutely unflappable," she said.

Reynolds recently wrapped up the press tour for the wildly successful Netflix hit Red Notice, where he got up to all kinds of hijinks with his co-stars. Dwayne Johnson hired a billboard to poke fun at the Canadian actor, which was really only fair after Reynolds said that the back of Johnson's head looks like a "beautiful penis" that is "hard as a rock."

This may be the last of Reynolds we see for a while as he recently announced that he's taking a sabbatical from movie making to spend time with his girls. His wife, Blake Lively, took the opportunity to troll him over the announcement, once again proving that the two are couple goals.

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