Ryan Reynolds Just Made A LinkedIn Profile & He's Had So Many Different Jobs

He was once a forklift driver!

Ryan Reynolds Just Made A LinkedIn Profile & He's Had So Many Different Jobs

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds apparently has a new LinkedIn page, and as well as listing his impressive Hollywood achievements, it also highlights some of his earlier jobs.

On Monday, a Twitter user posted a screenshot of the actor's online resume and asked whether it was true that Reynolds was a forklift driver at Safeway for five months between September 1996 and January 1997.

Reynolds responded in his characteristically sassy way.

"No. It was actually 1995 to 1996," he tweeted.

As well as that particular job, the LinkedIn page lists Reynolds as a part-time actor, a co-chairman of Wrexham AFC, the owner of Aviation American Gin and Mint Mobile and the co-founder of Maximum Effort, as well as a few other impressive roles.

On the profile, he writes, "I've been acting for three decades now, which might be described as 'a proven track record' or 'delivering consistent results' on LinkedIn."

"In recent years, I've built what The Wall Street Journal recently called 'a business empire.' Still trying to figure out what they meant by that," he adds.

The profile also confirms that the star attended Kitsilano Secondary School, which is a public school in Vancouver, B.C.

"My skills include writing, re-writing, tweeting, mixing cocktails, backend engineering for software platforms and watching lower-tier Welsh football matches. Proficiency ranges from excellent to absolutely awful," the profile says.

Now that's an honest resume, Ryan!

On his LinkedIn page, the actor also reiterated that he's currently taking a sabbatical from moving making, which is well deserved after the whirlwind of a press tour for the massive Netflix hitRed Notice.

The movie broke records and it seems as though Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot had a great time filming as well as doing promo for it.

Johnson shared that the two men are like an old couple who bicker and fight, which might explain all of the pranks they pulled on each other. At the end of the press tour, Johnson even hired a giant billboard that said, "Ryan Reynolds uses his mom's Netflix account," to poke fun at the Canadian actor.

"In fairness, my mom uses my OnlyFans account," Reynolds cheekily responded, proving he wasn't at all embarrassed by Johnson's prank.

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Sarah Rohoman
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