Ryan Reynolds Just Revealed 'The Trick' To Punching Dwayne Johnson & Getting Away With It

If you dare to tangle with The Rock, that is. 😬

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Ryan Reynolds Just Revealed 'The Trick' To Punching Dwayne Johnson & Getting Away With It

If you're looking for tips on how to punch Dwayne Johnson in the face, Ryan Reynolds has got you covered.

The Canuck took to his TikTok to post a video explaining how exactly he would approach the situation to land a hit on his Red Notice co-star, as well as the best way to survive the situation.


In Part 2 I’ll share tips for arm wrestling @The Rock. #RedNotice now on @netflix.

"Did I actually punch D.J. in the face? Never. I would never do that because that would be the end of my life as I know it," Reynolds says, while scenes of him pretending to hit Johnson from the movie play. "He would turn me into a cottage cheese-like ass pudding. Within seconds."

That is, of course, if Johnson could catch him.

"The trick with D.J., though, you could hit him but you've got to be sure that you have an excellent getaway plan. I don't think he could catch you if you just walk really fast," Reynolds said with a straight face, likely alluding to the bulk of muscles on Johnson's frame theoretically preventing him from being able to move quickly.

The two celebs have been poking fun at each other during the press promo for their recently released flick with Reynolds comparing the back of Johnson's head to a penis and Johnson hiring a billboard to embarrass the Canadian celeb.

On a more wholesome note, the two also bonded with fellow co-star Gal Gadot about being the parents of girls, since they all have three daughters.

"Dwayne and Gal, we talk a lot about that and there is sort of a shared experience there that I think is pretty worth noting," Reynolds explained. "We love, love having our girls."

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