Ryan Reynolds Crashed 'The Tonight Show' & What Happened Next Was Total Chaos (VIDEO)

He even overshared about his sex life with Blake Lively!

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Ryan Reynolds Crashed 'The Tonight Show' & What Happened Next Was Total Chaos (VIDEO)

Ryan Reynolds crashed Jimmy Fallon's show this week and it didn't take long for things to get chaotic.

On Wednesday, November 10, the Canadian star was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live while Will Ferrell was the planned guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

However, the duo unexpectedly switched places at the last minute, meaning Reynolds showed up to chat with Fallon.

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The American host appeared to be baffled by the change as Reynolds explained, "Will called, said he was running a little late, asked me if I'd jump in for him, and I said, 'Anything for you, Will.'"

A little later, he confirmed, "Will's not coming."

It didn't take long for the conversation to become even more hectic, as the host asked, "How's Blake? How are the kids?"

Ryan responded, "You know, they're all good. Blake's — no personal questions, by the way — but Blake is great. The sex is totally normal."

"Hey, hey, hey! Pump the sex brakes, Jimmy," he continued to joke. "I asked no personal questions, and you're going right in on it, all right? Barbara Walters, easy." He then tried (and failed) to talk about Ferrell's upcoming TV series The Shrink Next Door.

Over on Jimmy Kimmel Live, things were equally wild as Will Ferrell was fielding questions about Reynolds' new movie Red Notice, joking, "I think it's gonna be good. I mean, we hope, right?" He even roasted Canada's snap federal election earlier this year.

The two pranksters recently worked on a Christmas movie musical together called Spirited, which is yet to be released.

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