Will Ferrell Pretended To Be Ryan Reynolds On 'Jimmy Kimmel' & Trolled Canada’s 2021 Election

When Will Ferrell showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, he did not hold back his opinions on Ryan Reynolds' abs, Blake Lively's cooking and Canada's snap election in 2021.

Speaking to the show's host on November 10 — after switching places with Ryan Reynolds at the last minute — Ferrell attempted to speak about the Canadian's latest movie Red Notice, as well as a few other things.

"I think it's gonna be good. I mean, we hope, right?" he joked, before getting the plot of the movie totally, totally wrong.

A little later, he spoke about Reynolds' wife Blake Lively (she's apparently very good at cooking oatmeal) and said their three kids dressed up as "Deadpool, Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada and Deadpool" for Halloween.

When asked if he (pretending to be Reynolds) voted in Canada's snap election earlier this year, Ferrell responded, "I did."

Explaining what a snap election is, he added, "It's a term that means get it over super quick because we couldn't give a sh*t."

A little later, the American star roasted Canada just a tiny bit more by performing a so-called "French" rap that he'd written — which was actually worse than Justin Bieber's attempt at French in his new "Timbiebs" commercial. Nice try though, Will!

Sandra Bullock recently dished on her memories of filming with Canadian icon Ryan Reynolds, and it sounds like their nude scene didn't go exactly as planned.

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Ryan Reynolds never shies away from supporting his "home of B.C.", and all the people within it. Sometimes this means trolling his hometown to no end, but other times it's just straight-up sweet.

In November, he tweeted a message of support, calling for people to donate to help the province recover from the extreme weather and flooding it has been facing.

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Ryan Reynolds Got A Governor General's Award & The Tribute Brought Him To Tears

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