Ryan Reynolds' New Christmas Movie Musical Is Out Soon & He's Going To Sing In It (PHOTOS)

He gave us a sneak peak of his voice last year on TikTok!

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Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds in the Christmas musical 'Spirited.'

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds in the Christmas musical 'Spirited.'

If you're already gearing up for the holiday season, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell's new movie Spirited will get you even more excited for December festivities.

The new Christmas musical starring the Canadian celeb is an adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol which is about "a miserly misanthrope who is taken on a magical journey," according to IMDb.

Reynolds will be playing the part of Ebeneezer Scrooge while Ferrell will be playing "Present," which is likely one of the three ghosts that visits Scrooge.

The film will be in theatres as of November 11 and then will be available to stream globally on Apple TV+ on November 18.

On September 23, Reynolds posted a few photos on his Instagram showing him cuddled up with Ferrell, Octavia Spencer wearing reindeer ears, Ferrell getting his hair fixed and himself dancing.

"It started as the hokey-pokey," he captioned his post. "Then things escalated."

In 2021, Reynolds posted a super cute TikTok of himself and Ferrell taking part in the Grace Kelly challenge where users harmonized with their voices to the song by Mika.

If anyone doubted the Canuck's ability to keep up in a musical, it was put to rest after hearing his lovely singing voice.


Late to the Grace Kelly trend but way early for our movie musical. I ❤️ duets. (And Mika)

In fact, Michael Bublé posted a response to Reynolds' vid confessing that it had him shook.

"So, last week we found out that Ryan Reynolds can sing," he said.

After calling Reynolds a "freaking superhero" who has "abdominals everywhere," Bublé had a complaint.

"Singing, that's my thing," he explained. "That's my thing. That's my special talent."

It seems Reynolds didn't take too much offence as he posted a sweet comment on his fellow Canadian's response video.

"After watching this, I dislocated my jaw from smiling," he wrote. "I'm literally leaving my family for this video."

Looking forward to hearing more of that singing voice, Ryan!

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Senior Staff Writer
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