Ryan Reynolds Says He Wants To 'Live Like A Normal Human' & Got Real About His Sabbatical

"I really enjoy being a present dad."

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Ryan Reynolds Says He Wants To 'Live Like A Normal Human' & Got Real About His Sabbatical

Canadian icon Ryan Reynolds has opened up about his sabbatical from movies, and honestly, he sounds like a wonderful parent.

On Monday, December 6, he sat down with LinkedIn where he recently shared his resume — and chatted about what he's up to next, starting out by explaining exactly why he's taking a break from acting.

"I’ve done a lot of it," he quipped, before diving into the heart of it. "The biggest thing for me [...] is that I don’t want to miss this time with my kids," he shared, adding that while they're at school it also gives him time to work on his other businesses.

"There’s something of a kind of carnival lifestyle in some of the work that we do," Reynolds said about life on set. "And I think that there’s a real benefit and energy into resetting things a little bit. You know, for me, I just want to live like a normal human."

"I want my kids to have a pretty normal schedule," he continued, sharing that he and his wife Blake Lively would take turns on who would be shooting a film so the other could be with their three daughters.

"But always we were away, so the kids were away too. Now that they’re in school, they have to have a somewhat normal schedule," he said. "And I really enjoy being a present dad. I love taking them to school in the morning, I love picking them up."

Reynolds shared the interview on his own LinkedIn page with the caption, "I did my best to look and sound professional."

The Vancouver-born actor's profile shows that he's had many jobs, like being a forklift driver at Safeway, as well as being "a part-time seasonal actor."

He got a little cheeky with his bio on the site too, writing "I've been acting for three decades now, which might be described as 'a proven track record' or 'delivering consistent results' on LinkedIn."

"My skills include writing, re-writing, tweeting, mixing cocktails, backend engineering for software platforms and watching lower-tier Welsh football matches. Proficiency ranges from excellent to absolutely awful."

Fair enough, Ryan!

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