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ryan reynolds

It seems the love (and lust) between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is going strong!

On Wednesday, October 23, Reynolds posted a video of himself and Will Ferrell learning some dance moves for their new Christmas flick Spirited on his Instagram.

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Vancouver's very own Ryan Reynolds just made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show along with his Spirited co-stars Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer.

While on the show, Reynolds gave a shout-out to his local Vancouver high school and joked about his very unique job that low-key confused everyone.

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Ryan Reynolds may be one step closer to purchasing the Ottawa Senators.

The 46-year-old actor hasn't been shy about his interest in buying the Canadian NHL team from dishing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon about needing a sugar daddy or mommy to afford the steep purchase.

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A brand-new holiday movie starring the iconic actors Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell includes a sneaky ode to Vancouver.

Spirited was produced by Vancouver's very own Ryan Reynolds, so it's no surprise he would have added a few hometown Easter eggs to it.

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Ryan Reynolds was recently given a prestigious Hollywood award and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had some kind words for his fellow Canadian.

On November 17, Reynolds received the American Cinematheque Award which is an annual accolade to celebrate "an extraordinary artist currently making a significant contribution to the art of the Moving Picture."

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