Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Tried to Remember Which Movie He Was 'Nipples Akimbo' In (VIDEO)

He also got real about his beef with Frozen. ❄️

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Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds is known for toeing the line with his humour, and IMDb recently put him to the test.

The Canadian actor sat down with the movie database site to try to guess which of his films was being referenced just from the NSFW moments.

"Hey there, I'm Ryan Reynolds, and I'm about to find out how inappropriate my movies really are according to the IMDb parents' guide," the actor said.

The edit of the interview starts out with Reynolds shouting "The Proposal!" in response to a question not heard by the viewers.

A sound goes off indicating that he didn't get it right, which prompts him to say, "No? What else was I nipples akimbo for? I don't know!"

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His next prompt is, "A woman tasers a man's genitals."

"Boy, that does not narrow it down," he jokes.

"I'm going to say Just Friends," he answers correctly.

Some of his other hints include things like, "Just a little booty," "The ending is very depressing," and, "Mild but unmistakable innuendo." The answers to those clues were Amityville Horror, Buried and Green Lantern, respectively.

In terms of what should be added to the parents' guide for The Adam Project, Reynolds said there is one "partial and incomplete" use of the word "sh*t."

And as for what he'd like to see get beefed up with a stronger advisory, Reynolds seems to take issue with a popular Disney movie.

"I'd love you guys to invent a very cautionary, even though fictional, parents' guide for Frozen," he said.

"'Cause we've seen it enough in my house, and I'd love to be able to tell my children that it's like, I don't know, causing ocular harm to someone other than me."

Good luck with that, Ryan!

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