Ryan Reynolds Chatted With Patients At SickKids & Shared What He Does When He Gets Nervous

His daughter taught him the technique.

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Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds.

SickKids | YouTube

It's no secret that Ryan Reynolds is a huge supporter of SickKids and he recently attended a virtual get-together to talk to the youngsters and make them laugh.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on March 17, Reynolds joined Jazz the therapeutic clown for the daily call-in show which is broadcast to rooms in the hospital.

Jazz asked him what he does when he gets really nervous since some of the kids at the hospital might get a little scared when a big medical procedure is coming up for them.

"Yeah, I can imagine having a big procedure would make some of our friends nervous," Reynolds said.

"I do something that I actually learned from my daughter, James, and she's seven years old. She taught me something called box breathing," he shared.

He then demonstrated the technique where you slowly breathe in, hold it for a second, then slowly breathe out, which makes a box with your breath.

"When I do that it kind of makes me calm, like I sort of feel like I'm present," he said. "Like I'm actually here in this exact moment right now — and in this exact moment right now there is nothing that is scary or makes me nervous the way when I think about things in the future."

He admitted that when you think about the future you can get a "little bit worried."

"But when I'm right here, right now in the present, I don't feel as worried," he said. "I can still feel a little bit worried, but not as much."

That's some solid advice, Ryan!

Of course, he also took the opportunity to pull some silly faces to get some giggles out of the little ones and serenaded them with his go-to karaoke song, which is apparently "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips.

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Senior Staff Writer
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