I Tried Ryan Reynolds' Favourite Restaurant In The World & I Was Honestly Confused At First

Not what I was expecting!

Morgan Leet outside of Minerva's. Right: Morgan Leet eating Minerva's pizza.

Morgan Leet outside of Minerva's. Right: Morgan Leet eating Minerva's pizza.

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Ryan Reynolds gave a shoutout to his favourite restaurant in the world, and it's actually a Greek place in his hometown of Vancouver, B.C.

After watching a Netflix interview in which the actor talked about the restaurant, called Minerva's, I looked it up right away. After all, I live in Vancouver, so why not try to spot Reynolds at his favourite place?

Honestly, I was kind of confused when I first saw its website and social media. Although you can never go wrong with Greek food, it looked like your typical family restaurant — not a fancy place for a famous celeb to bring Blake Lively as his date.

My curiosity grew even more. I thought to myself: "What the hell makes this place so good, that Ryan Reynolds gave it a shoutout?!"

"It's a Greek restaurant, it's incredible," he told Netflix in the interview.

After hearing him rave about the restaurant, I knew I had to go and investigate what the heck makes Minerva's the best "in the world."

Trying to get a reservation

I'm not sure if this was just a "me thing," but I could not get ahold of this place!

I called three times to get a reservation and either couldn't get through or was put on a neverending hold. This was kind of comforting actually because it was a sign that it was super busy — meaning it must be good.

Finally, on the fourth time, I scored a reservation and my journey was officially started.

The atmosphere

Walking in Minerva's was kind of exactly what I expected from the website. It was a cozy feel, with a family atmosphere.

Outside of Minerva's.Outside of Minerva's.Morgan Leet | Narcity

It felt like a classic family outing destination, which was actually really nice.

Although it was not the fancy place I'd imagine Reynolds visiting, it was already winning me over.

The service

Once our server came to the table, I really started to really get why Reynolds loved this place.

Our waitress was a very sweet woman who went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable.

Menu at Minerva's.Menu at Minerva's.Morgan Leet | Narcity

You could tell it was a tight-knit team at the restaurant who pride themselves on the food and drinks.

The food

Like I said — Greek food rarely fails me, and this was no exception.

I ordered a Greek-style pizza, my friend ordered the lasagna, and my partner ordered the lamb.

Morgan Leet eating at Minerva's.Morgan Leet eating at Minerva's.Morgan Leet | Narcity

All of us enjoyed our meals, and how huge the portions were. Plus, my leftovers tasted great the next day for lunch.

It wasn't hands-down the best Greek food I've ever had, but it was definitely tasty. Between that, the cute atmosphere, and the friendly service, I would go back for sure.

I get it now

There is no question that this is a great choice if you're looking for a classic Greek meal — and are super hungry.

It's not fine-dining or super modern decor-wise, but it has a certain charm that's undeniable.

Morgan Leet outside of Minerva's.Morgan Leet outside of Minerva's.Morgan Leet | Narcity

My guess? This place brings back some major childhood nostalgia for Reynolds that he wanted to share with the world.

Morgan Leet
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