Here's What Seth Rogen & Other Celebs Love To Eat When They Visit Vancouver Restaurants

Stars like Michael Bublé and Jason Momoa have eaten out in the city!

​David Chang, a lady and Seth Rogen smiling. Right: Michael Bublé holding a Caesar.
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David Chang, a lady and Seth Rogen smiling. Right: Michael Bublé holding a Caesar.

Everyone knows that Vancouver is a hotspot for celebrities, thanks to the booming filming industry. Huge stars have visited some local restaurants in the city, and you can order exactly what they had on your next night out.

Vancouverites like Seth Rogen have some go-to favourites, and big names from out of town have also shouted out Vancouver eats.

There are so many celebrity-loved restaurants scattered throughout the city, and here's how to eat like a famous person.

Jason Momoa

Restaurant: Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill

Address: 1133 Hamilton St., Vancouver, BC

About: Cioppino's is a fancy restaurant in Vancouver that serves up delicious Mediterranean cuisine. You might just catch a celeb dining at this restaurant in the heart of Yaletown. Even Jason Momoa decided to check it out for himself.

"He loved bluefin tuna and linguine with sea urchin," the restaurant told Narcity.

How very Aquaman of him!


Seth Rogen

Restaurant: Lee's Donuts

Address: 1689 Johnston St., Vancouver, BC

About: On the Netflix series, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Seth Rogen shares one of his go-to donut shops — Lee's Donuts. "Seth crowns our raspberry jelly donut as the perfect food," said the donut shop on their website.


Michael Bublé

Restaurant: Whitespot

Address: Multiple locations

About: Michael Bublé personally posted to his Instagram just how big of a fan he is of Whitespot. In the post, he recommended that anyone visiting the family-friendly restaurant should order a burger and caesar.


Aziz Ansari

Restaurant: Juice Bar

Address: 54 Alexander St., Vancouver, BC

About: This natural wine bar had a friendly visit from comedian and actor — Aziz Ansari.

"Aziz had a bottle of red from Catalonia producer Escoda Sanahuja, 'Nas del Gegant' and also took with him a couple bottles to go," the wine bar told Narcity.

They also mentioned after Ansari stopped by, they are starting to see celebrity appearances more frequently.


Ashley Harris
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Ashley Harris was a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.