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​Jack Harlow.

Jack Harlow.

One unlucky fan had her phone drenched by Jack Harlow, who was spraying a hose from the stage at his Vancouver show on Saturday. A TikTok posted by the fan showed Harlow's reaction, and it was everything.

It's all water under the bridge for the TikToker, who said it's all good because he said sorry.

The American rapper performed in Vancouver on September 24 for his "Jack Harlow: Come Home The Kids Miss You Tour". It was all fun and games until he accidentally sprayed the fan's phone.

The incident didn't seem to stop Harlow for long though, as he proceeded to keep on spraying water all over the crowd. They all seemed to be loving it though.

"Pov: Jack Harlow gives ur phone water damage but it's ok bc he said sorry," said TikTok.


shoutout to everyone who thought they were gonna pass out in pit last night😍😍😍🥰 love u jack #jackharlow#comehomethekidsmissyou#fyp#trend#trending#fypシ @missionaryjack

The TikTok video already has over a whopping 568,000 views and 92,600 likes. Plus, hundreds of comments have been pouring in.

One commenter said, "he looked genuinely sorry."

"He just wanted a reason to talk to you," another person playfully suggested.

If you're hoping to see Harlow on the tour, you might have to take a road trip. Saturday was the last Canadian show on his tour, for the month of September.

Harlow is set to perform at Maverick Center in Utah on September 27 and right after that, he will be heading to Colorado on September 28.

He will be back in Canada on October 5 to perform in Toronto.

If you do end up seeing a show though, make sure to keep your phone safely in your pocket!

    Ashley Harris
    Vancouver Staff Writer
    Ashley Harris is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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