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Alicia Keys Responds With A Big 'WTF' After Fan Kisses Her During Vancouver Show (VIDEO)

She called out the grabby fan online.

Vancouver Staff Writer
​Alicia Keys being kissed by a fan.

Alicia Keys being kissed by a fan.

Alicia Keys just responded to a viral video of her getting kissed by a fan smack on the cheek during her concert in Vancouver.

She was performing for her Alicia + Keys World Tour at Rogers Arena on August 29 when she had a completely uncalled-for encounter with a fan.

A person watching the show took a video of the concert's big screen, where you can see Keys performing in the crowd before a woman grabs her face to kiss her. You can tell by the footage that Keys was more than a little shocked.

The camera quickly cut away for a moment, and Keys continued to sing her song — "Empire State Of Mind."

The video of it now has over 172,000 views on Twitter.

Keys had something to say about the wild experience and responded via Instagram comments on a re-post of the viral video.

"Trust me, I was like what the F*CK!!!!!!!! Don't she know what time it is???," wrote Keys.

Alicia Keys responds on the @hollywoodunlocked Instagram account.Alicia Keys responds on the @hollywoodunlocked Instagram account.@hollywoodunlocked | Instagram

There are quite a few other videos from fans of the whole kissing situation now surfacing on the internet.

Keys also gave a big shout-out to Vancouver after her show.

"Vancouver y'all were out of control!!! What an amazing night!!!!!!!!! Lessss go gorgeous!!!," she said in a tweet.

Keys is currently continuing her tour in the U.S. — specifically, the big state of California.

She is set to perform at Chase Center in San Fransisco on September 3 and the YouTube Theater in Inglewood on September 5 before heading on to continue more shows in Los Angeles and San Diego.

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