Michael Bublé Just Got The Cutest Shout Out From Arkells During A Concert In BC (VIDEO)

Buble responded! ❤️

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Michael Bublé. Right: The Arkells on stage.

Michael Bublé. Right: The Arkells on stage.

Arkells recently performed at Rogers Arena for their Arkells: Blink Once/Twice Tour and during the show, they gave a big shout-out to Canadian singer Michael Bublé.

On October 25, the lead singer of the Arkells, Max Kerman, decided to pick up a fan sign from the crowd, which read: "Bublé fans love Arkells."

The singer had a good chuckle and responded, "because we are in the hometown of the legend himself, Prince Bublé — I believe his family is in the crowd tonight — can we sing this one for Michael Bublé?"

Of course, Bublé had something to say about it on social media.

"This is just amazing, thank you @arkellsmusic for such an unexpected and beautiful gesture," said Bublé in an Instagram post.

It looks like the love is mutual because Bublé has shown some on-stage appreciation to the Arkells in the past.

Not only was the iconic Canadian singer feeling the love, but all of his fans were too.

"That's some wholesome Canadiana right there…eh," commented one person.

Another person commented, "So great!!!"

The Arkells actually had quite a few surprises during their show at Rogers Arena. The band also welcomed Canadian singer and songwriter, Lights, to join them on stage for a guest performance.

"We had @Lights come through to sing Human Being," said the band.

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