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This Shop In BC Is Serving Up Serious Childhood Nostalgia With Its Magical Donuts

"They're magically delicious!" 🍀🌈

This Shop In BC Is Serving Up Serious Childhood Nostalgia With Its Magical Donuts
Staff Writer

A donut shop in B.C. is serving up all the memories of your childhood in their bite-sized creations.

These donuts look magical and delicious, just like a cereal you may have had growing up.

Boca Grande Donut Shop is located in Delta, B.C, at the heart of Ladner Village and it is a small batch, hand-crafted donut business that has some seriously unique options.

The "Cereal Killa" donut comes with a white glaze and is sprinkled with classic cereal favourites that are sure to bring up some childhood nostalgia.

This donut shop also has other fun donuts like "Netflix 'n Chill" and "Donut Emoji" which look unreal.

All these donuts look so drool-worthy — that even some people's pets are taking an interest.

If you're already pretty full when paying them a visit, there is something for your cravings — the shop offers "Boca Poco" mini donuts so you can still taste all the goodness in a bite-sized piece.

The quaint little shop is extremely colourful and it's hard not to be instantly happy once you enter the room.

Not only do they serve donuts here but they also offer take-home taco kits.

These look mouthwatering and the perfect way to enjoy a meal without all the prepping and extra work.

Bonus — the kits are a crowd-pleaser.

The taco kits also include some vegetarian and gluten-free options so there is an option for anyone.

This little shop in Delta, B.C. is worth the visit. Whether it be for the donuts or tacos — there is a huge chance you won't be leaving with an empty stomach.

Boca Grande Donut Shop

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Donuts

Address: 4841 Delta St. #106, Delta, BC

Why You Need To Go: This place managed to combine two of the best things life has to offer — unique, out-of-this-world donuts and tacos. Need we say more?


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