This Restaurant In Vancouver Has The Most Unreal Milkshakes & One Has A Waffle On It

Warning: may cause instant cravings.

This Restaurant In Vancouver Has The Most Unreal Milkshakes & One Has A Waffle On It
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This restaurant in Vancouver, B.C. has unreal milkshakes and some even come with a waffle on top! This place will instantly cause cravings and it's a foodie's dream come true.

The modern restaurant, called Off the Grid Waffle Cafe, is serving up these extremely unique and delicious treats!

Their waffle milkshakes come with mouthwatering flavours like Oreo, Nutella, cappuccino, matcha, and white chocolate mocha.

Just look at these creations — they are the definition of mouthwatering.

The cafe also offers fruity milkshake flavours like strawberry and mango — which are perfect for those warmer days.

Not only do they have waffle milkshakes — but also waffle ice cream cups! These cups have some decadent and unique flavours like Ferrero Rocher.

They are available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

It is almost too easy to try any of these delicious desserts, becuase delivery is offered through Doordash, Uber Eats, and Skip The Dishes.

Off the Grid Waffles is open from morning to night so you can enjoy these yummy shakes at any time.

They also serve other foods like fried chicken sandwiches, curly fries, and waffle fries.

It's also the perfect spot to hang with friends. They even have fun games like Connect Four and Jenga to play while you enjoy a treat!

This place is a must-visit for a delicious dessert.

This will be the perfect spot to add to your weekend plans — making your day way brighter.

Bonus – the cafe is extremely Insta-worthy.

Off the Grid Waffle Cafe

Price: 💸💸

Address: 5943 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: It's the perfect place to enjoy a delicious and unique milkshake with friends.


Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
Ashley Harris was a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.