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This restaurant in Vancouver, B.C is right on the beach and you can watch the sun go down as you enjoy happy hour.

The restaurant is called Beach House, and it's located right by Dundarave Beach in West Vancouver. It's a great spot for romantic sunset views year-round, thanks to the closed-in patio.

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This restaurant in Vancouver, B.C. has unreal milkshakes and some even come with a waffle on top! This place will instantly cause cravings and it's a foodie's dream come true.

The modern restaurant, called Off the Grid Waffle Cafe, is serving up these extremely unique and delicious treats!

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Vancouver has just been ranked the most sushi-loving city in the world outside of Japan.

It's no surprise, really, because the city is full of incredible sushi. From takeout to dine-in, it has a super wide variety of restaurants to enjoy that serve up some epic meals.

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The best hidden-gem restaurants in Vancouver are being revealed, and some of them might take you by surprise.

Discovering those hole-in-the-wall restaurants in your city is an amazing feeling, and a lot of the time you can get incredible food at these spots. Luckily, a Reddit thread is doing all the hard work for you!

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David R. Chan has eaten at nearly 8,000 Chinese restaurants in his lifetime โ€” and be rated these as the best in Vancouver.

He's travelled the world trying new places and testing different restaurants.

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